Graduate Collection'15

Graduate Collection 2015

My graduate collection initially started when I was fabric sourcing in China. A particular pattern of the fabric initiated my research into the razzle dazzle camouflage used as a defense on the world war 1 ships. Upon researching I created a concept reflecting the role of women within the war whilst the men were fighting. This created my story of a woman pretending to be a man so she could be with her husband at war. With this the utilitarian uniforms, and the lack of equipment in the war inspired me. With this lack of equipment, this gave my designs functionality, with reversibility and the ability to be used and folded down into an accessory. This gives reasoning for my masculine designs with detailing using pocket, straps, and fastenings.

Even though I am a Womenswear designer, my work reflects an androgynous aesthetic therefore is still accessible to men. I am inspired by menswear and take these details and influences into my Womenswear designs. I have always been interested in creating garments that are innovative but yet still wearable. Hence why my garments have become intelligent pieces of art in the sense of them folding into bags and all having another function. I finally created my own interpretation of the dazzle camouflage in a variety of colours, to help be disguise the identity of the women by disrupting the outline of her figure. I then combined this WW1 past camouflage I was able to include my innovative colour changing ink. This Hydrochromic ink changes colour in the rain which I applied to a couple of jackets ad my accessories within my Graduate Collection.

See SFXC for more information as my sponsor for the colour changing ink.

Victoria chambers Photoshoot


Graduate Collection'15